17 January 2006

Well, the hard drive on my computer is a goner. Since November, my computer has been in and out of repair. This is its last gasp. Hopefully this will do the job. I think everything on the computer has been replaced except the hard drive.

Anyway, until it's fixed, no new posts.


: Joseph j7uy5 said...

Good luck on the computer fix.

I noticed a few posts ago you mentioned that your photos have a wierd soft-focus look to them after you upload them. That probably happens because blogger resizes them, and they don't look as sharp after the resize. Blogger is resizing them to a width of 400 pixels, and a height of 261 pixels.

To get better results, you could resize them yourself before uploading, assuming you use software that scales the photos without loosing detail; or you could use different blogging software; or you could post them on flickr (www.flickr.com). Flicker has a function that will put the photo on your blogspot blog. If anyone wants to see it in full size, they just click on it, and their browser will go to the flickr site. Flickr allows you to upload photos pretty much any size you might want. I don't know what the upper limit is, but whatever it is, it is bigger than my monitor (1280x1024).

Plus, if you upload to flickr and tag your photos "annarbor", lots of people will notice and will look at them. You do nice work and it would be good for more people to view your pictures.

icki said...

Thanks Joseph, for the help and the compliment. I was just using Blogger to grab photos I had already resized for the web, but I guess those were still a bit too big for the Blogger resizing engine.

I took your advice and got a Flickr account too (user: icki). I had never really played around on it, but after just a few minutes, I can tell that I'll get a lot of use out of it.