30 November 2005

Street Clown
Downtown San Francisco
December 2001

29 November 2005

Duck Farm, Upstate New York
October 2005

28 November 2005

Nottinghill Gate Station, London
September 2004

¶My computer is back. It's been a long month. Sure, I spent more time in the darkroom than I would have otherwise, but not having a computer was incredibly crippling. I've found myself stuck in a rut that's proving hard to shake, getting new work, pinning down projects and pushing forward my work on touring punk bands. It's all a big mess.

¶A few quick notes: the photos I shot as part of the Brian Urlacher campaign for Nike Gridiron are on the site. Also, the new cover of Maximum Rocknroll features one of my pics, and there's a little four-page spread inside, of some of my band photos, from my new photozine, ACTION! #8.

06 November 2005

Computer is temporarily broken. Back soon.