31 December 2005

New York City
July 2005

Huh. Some of the photos I'm uploading (like this one) have a weird soft-focus look after I upload them. Wonder what's going on.

Website update in the works.

30 December 2005

Midtown, New York City
July 2005

Short Eyes Tour
Vince at the swimming hole
Outside Lawerence, KS

June 2004

UPDATE: Got my computer back after it was back in for repair, again (thus the lact of posting lately). I went to NYC for a few days around Christmas. Expect some new NYC street photos. And I picked up an XPan camera. Once I get a rig set up for scanning the negs (and some decent shots), I'll start posting those as well.

Thanks to Mimi for drawing a few extra people here.

20 December 2005

Battleship Tour
Leaving Asheville, NC
October 2005

19 December 2005

McCarran International Airport
Las Vegas, NV
September 2004

18 December 2005

Trail Drive-In
October 2005

15 December 2005

Glass House
Brooklyn, NY
29 September 2005

13 December 2005

US expatriates in Paris
Shakespeare & Company Bookstore
Paris, France
December 2003

11 December 2005

Battleship Tour
Rest Stop, Ohio Turnpike
24 September 2005

05 December 2005

Parking Lot Haircut Before the Show
Clorox Girls/Observers Tour
Denver, CO
late June 2005

04 December 2005

Orange Revolution
Kiev, Ukraine
1 December 2004

03 December 2005

R.I.P. Jim MacLean
Vero Beach Women's Center
Vero Beach, FL
21 March 1998

02 December 2005

I (heart) Your Smile
Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA
Fall 1998