31 August 2005

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
July 2005

29 August 2005

The Sneaze
Emily's Basement a.k.a. the Rugburn House
December 2003

I'm putting together a printed photozine of my band photos to take along on tour with Battleship. It'll be a limited-run zine, just 50 of 'em. I don't want to worry about distributing them too much and, well, I don't have much money for printing. It's a drag that I'm going to have to photocopy them. I was going to try and print them all on my printer at home, but just two copies uses up an entire ink cartridge. So off to the copy store I go.

I mention this mostly to explain why, in the next week or so you'll probably see a fair number of band photos on here. Also, I won't be updating much (if at all) from Sept. 11 - Oct. 17. I'll be on tour, then at Eddie Adams, then the VII seminars. It's gonna be a great, busy few months.

28 August 2005

Map of San Bernardino Fires
Near San Bernardino, CA
9 November 2003

26 August 2005

Prague, Czech Republic
March 2004

24 August 2005

Near Fairmont, IN (home of James Dean)
21 August 2005

In preparation for this year's Eddie Adams workshop, I'm trying to get together a new portfolio. Part of why I created this photoblog was to help get my head around a new way of seeing my own photos.

In the past, putting together a portfolio was always about making sure I got in all the good shots, focusing too much on individual images.
Now I'm taking a step back, looking at the portfolio as a whole. What do I want it to do? Hell, what do I want to do? What kind of feeling do I want to the portfolio to convey? What does the portfolio as a whole say about my work, me? Right now I think it says that I'm unfocused, reaching, chasing down good images rather than having more control, knowing what I want to do and how to do it. But it's all part of the learning process, right?

To that end, I cut out all the color images, no matter how good or how much I like them. I like shooting black and white and think I'm better at it. The next step is trying to create some kind of narrative, build a cohesive portfolio out of a set of seemingly random images. Street shots, single images from news events/stories, parts of project. I'm trying to tie those photos together so I can incorporate them into a larger portfolio that also includes pictures from my work on prison tourism and from the Orange Revolution in Kiev. It's all in the editing, and in something as seemingly simple as how you title and explain a group of photos. I think I can make it work. There's a good portfolio there in my images, I just have to piece it together. And I'm pretty confident that showing up to Eddie Adams with a strong, printed portfolio of black & white images like mine will help me stand out from all the over-saturated, fill-flash color portfolios editors will be viewing that weekend.

I know I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but I think I'm on the right track. Of course, comments and criticisms on this long edit of my portfolio are very much welcome and appreciated.

23 August 2005

Northwest Airlines Mechanics Strike
Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus, MI
22 August 2005

22 August 2005

Keokuk, Iowa. November 2003

21 August 2005

New York City, NY. July 2005

20 August 2005

Tate Modern. London, UK. November 2004

19 August 2005

Berkeley, CA. 2002

18 August 2005

World Trade Center. New York, NY. July 2005

17 August 2005

Mitch at Vince's. Oakland, CA. June 2005

15 August 2005

Gondola Makers. Venice, Italy. October 2004

14 August 2005

Liverpool Station. London, UK. 14 November 2004

13 August 2005

Museum of Modern Art. New York City, NY. July 2005

12 August 2005

Salvation Army. Flint, MI. March 2005

11 August 2005

Martin in a Fireworks Store, Short Eyes Tour. Northern Indiana. July 2004

09 August 2005

MGM Grand. Las Vegas, NV. September 2004.

08 August 2005

Orange Revolution. Kiev, Ukraine. 1 December 2004

06 August 2005

Croatian roadside. March 2004

05 August 2005

Notting Hill Gate Station, London. November 2004

04 August 2005

London, October 2004

03 August 2005

Short Eyes tour, Vince asleep. Denver, CO. June 2004

01 August 2005

Clorox Girls/Observers Tour. Breakdown on I-94, Wisconsin. June 2005