29 August 2005

The Sneaze
Emily's Basement a.k.a. the Rugburn House
December 2003

I'm putting together a printed photozine of my band photos to take along on tour with Battleship. It'll be a limited-run zine, just 50 of 'em. I don't want to worry about distributing them too much and, well, I don't have much money for printing. It's a drag that I'm going to have to photocopy them. I was going to try and print them all on my printer at home, but just two copies uses up an entire ink cartridge. So off to the copy store I go.

I mention this mostly to explain why, in the next week or so you'll probably see a fair number of band photos on here. Also, I won't be updating much (if at all) from Sept. 11 - Oct. 17. I'll be on tour, then at Eddie Adams, then the VII seminars. It's gonna be a great, busy few months.

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