20 August 2008

I guess if you're reading this you probably know about the (current) big-daddy of Photo Blogs, Rob Haggert's A Photo Editor. It started as a great and much-needed (or at least appreciated) inside look at the Photo Editor's world. A real treat for photographers and other editors alike. Instructive in so many ways. Since leaving the office-life, Haggert has kept the blog up, commenting more on trends in editorial and commercial photography. He also often shines light on other photo blogs.

Today's little gem is the photoblog by David Burnette called We're Just Sayin. If you've been around politics at all, in anyway, and seen an older guy lugging around an old Speed Graphic camera, you've seen Burnette in action. His thoughts and insight into covering the biggest events of the day are like candy to someone like me who can't get enough of the inside, behind-the-curtain going ons of the PJ world. It's a wordy blog, lots to chew on, with a handful of photos. Good reading for a slow day at work, you know?

15 August 2008

So I have a pile of about two dozen rolls of film waiting to be developed. Just moved, still getting situated in the new place. Plus, you know, I don't have a great set-up right now for developing. Thus, I tend to wait until I have a bunch to do, grab a slow Sunday and knock 'em all out. Then there's the scanning.

Anyway, just a quick note to let the three people who check this that it's not dormant.

Hell, maybe I'll actually start posting photo-related crap on here, turn it into more than just a picture blog. Sitting at work, I'm bombarded by a number of good photographers site, photo essays, books, blogs, etc. I'd be happy to share.