12 January 2006

Short Eyes Tour
Vince & Alicja
7:30 a.m., after Vince cut his hand on a broken window, refused to go
to the hospital and Alicja tried--but was unable--to sew up the Vince's hand.

Memphis, TN
June 2004

• • •

In an effort to make sense of the tour photos I have shot so far, I've done a tight edit of 12 images.
Comments and criticism are, as always, welcome and appreciated.

The captions need work, but more specifically I'm wondering what I'm missing. What kind of photo would you expect to see from a project on small punk bands on the road, playing basements, living rooms and small bars? Does it give you enough of a feeling of what it's like? Are there enough pieces of the tour to give you a sense of what happens? Is there anything from this that could be cut?

Fire away.

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