29 September 2009

On Editing.

Jake Stangel sent me a link to his new project, Pontiac Dreams. The photos are good, but what struck me -- just in breezing through the work on a first, quick look -- is the editing. I know Jake recently biked across the US (Visual Diary), so I know he came away with tons of photos.

As someone who is bedeviled by editing his own work, I have a profound appreciation for well-edited work, work that flows well and plays off itself and doesn't feel too long or too short.

On a related note, I'm finally getting around to reading part of Looking In Robert Frank's The Americans. It is inspiring and instructive. I've been in a rut with shooting. Everything looks the same. I have piles and piles of negatives and un-edited images. I feel like I should start making sense of what I have before adding more to the heap. But fuck, that just feels like such an insurmountable task. So I'll probably just keep shooting...

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