18 May 2009


•You've probably seen it, but the New York Times launched a photoblog this week. Nice presentation and some great work. I'm anxious to keep an eye on this as I'm sure it'll be a pace-setting destination for photography.

•Robert Franks' Looking In: The Americans opened at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this past Saturday. The exhibit takes an in-depth look at Franks' monumental photo book, showing work he'd done leading up to the Americans, the letters he and Walker Evans exchanged as he shot the project, contact sheets, work prints, big, beautiful gallery prints, different editions of the book. The works. As great as the exhibit is, I had slightly high expectations. I was hoping for enlarged contacts, more work that was inspired by Frank. Still, not at all disappointing. I'll probably make at least two or three return trips.

•Also opening this Saturday, the San Francisco Art Exchange is hosting a new exhibit of Rolling Stones photos. This one is titled, Rolling Stones: The Decca Years. It collects the work of 14 different photographers who shot the Stones from 1962 - 1971. Pretty awesome stuff, though not quite as good as the exhibits they've had with the individual photographers (Gered Mankowitz, Ethan Russel, Dominique Tarle).

•It's worth mentioning here that I did a book! It's a Blurb job, but still. Lots of my rock 'n' roll photos, live photos of bands as well as photos of tours I've been on. Live/Loud.

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