17 October 2008

April 2004

You know, I've been shooting a lot still, a lot of street stuff. Given that I have a desk job in the heart of Downtown SF that's about all I have time to shoot right now. And I've even been shooting a lot of it in black & white. But I've been slow in developing and scanning. I want to get contact sheets made. I've got about 100 rolls that need contact printing. Seriously. And I still have about 20 rolls that need to be developed. This weekend maybe.

But looking over my Flickr account I haven't even uploaded any new black & white (film) shots since August. That's lame. There are plenty of digital photos -- bands and street photos.

Anyway, here's an old one I rediscovered. To me it has a sort of very old, classic feel to it, but it's just not quite there. Being closer, or a different angle or something would've made it a really great shot. As it is I think it's just good, flawed though.

I will actually be posting more in the near future. I swear.

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