23 October 2007

4th of July, Washington, DC
4th of July Parade • Washington, DC • 4 July 2007

Tully prodded me to post more to my photoblog. So I am. I'm sitting on the other side of the desk now, for a while anyway, working as an "art fellow" at a magazine in San Francisco. Not shooting as much, but learning a lot about the other end of the photo process. One of the most instructive aspects of working here is just seeing what comes in from other photographers. How they present their work, what they show, what gets trashed and what catches the attention of the higher-ups. And for being a lowly "art fellow" (just a step above an intern) I've helped ushered some important photos into the magazine, including a photo essay I'm pretty stoked on.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. I'll play catch-up and start posting to here more regularly, possibly even with more about working on the editing side of things...

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